Environment – When people and cleaning go hand in hand

At De 5 Stjerner A/S, we care about environmental protection and sustainability. This is a result of the Danes’ increased awareness on taking care of the nature and using eco-friendly products as well as an expression of our philosophy: We want to do something nice for people, buildings and the environment.

If you choose us as your cleaning service, you can be sure that your hotel, company or property will be cleaned with eco-friendly products, because we want to protect you, your building and the environment against unnecessary and dangerous chemicals.


With people as our focus

Our skilled team of employees are all experienced, quality-conscious and professional people who are trained to use the best and most environmental techniques. Our values are all about respect for the man as well as the environment, which is why we focus on social responsibility – without compromising the high quality of services we provide.

One of Ghandi’s most famous quotes matches our business very well: ‘’Be the change you want to see in the world’’. At De 5 Stjerner A/S, we believe we have the opportunity to change the world we live in – for the better. We have a goal and a wish to expand the use of gentle chemicals, eco-friendly bleaches and allergy friendly products – and to spread this message we use these products in our daily work as well, since the changes must start with ourselves.

At De 5 Stjerner A/S, we know that the way to a healthy company is healthy and happy employees. For that reason, we focus on creating a safe working environment for our employees, so they will be excited and happy about going to work every day. This is, however, a two ways situation, since we have expectations that our employees do their best and creates value and results for our customers.

Furthermore, we expect that our business partners do their best to make sure our staff thrives at the hotels where they do their job.

In the end, this forms an unbreakable chain of professional and happy employees whom we are happy to have as representatives for our business, when they are out and about in Danish hotels.


Quality cleaning with a green conscious

At De 5 Stjerner A/S, we try at all times to reduce the environmental burden that cleaning causes. This is why we are always up to date on which products are new on the market.

We only use cleaning products that are certified by ‘’The Green Key’’ or the ‘’ Nordic Swan Ecolabel’’, since we know that these products meet the demands of this industry as well as our own demands.

Also, we aspire to be a contributing factor for more companies to use eco-friendly products in the future. That is why we want to test new products that contain more environmental friendly chemicals, which we hope will be available in the future.

Today, most Danes are aware that some chemicals can have a particular damaging effect on our health. When you clean, leftovers from the products will leave traces around the room, and if the product is filled with chemicals it may have consequences for the people living in these areas.

That is why we use gentle cleaning methods and try to avoid products that are damaging to the environment. Not only for the sake of the environment itself, but also for the sake of your employees and guests. furthermore we have developed our own quilityensuring system.

In other words, we provide cleaning that will not only give you an excellent indoor climate but also a service that will give the environment, the nature and humans in general the best conditions to thrive. You can also see our 10 steps of social responsability.

Would you like to know more about our environmental policy? Please, contact us for further information.

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