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De 5 Stjerner A/S is always looking to grow our TEAM.

Our success has been based on consistent growth since the year 2000, and we have been awarded “rets Gazelle” (a Danish enterprise growth award) on several occasions by the Danish newspaper “Dagbladet Børsen.”

We want to be the best!

Our employees are the most important factor in achieving our goal of being the best in the industry.
We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated individuals to join our team.
Our primary goal is to attract and retain good, skilled, and enthusiastic employees.

This includes incorporating our focus on the well-being and development of our employees into the service and quality we provide, as well as the satisfaction of our clients.

We have positions available throughout Denmark

We are expanding and are looking for people to join our cleaning and service teams across the country.

Any experience in the cleaning industry is advantageous. We would also like to hear from you if you have previous experience in other types of service jobs.

We frequently hire inexperienced workers, and with the proper training and courses in our professional “pre-and onboarding program,” we ensure that our employees are properly dressed for the task.

Concentrate on getting off to a good start

We ensure that the pre-boarding phase has begun before the employee arrives for the first day of work. Our new employee will receive a welcome email that includes pre- and onboarding instructions.
The employee is also given access to our employee app, where they can quickly and efficiently access training videos, employee handbooks, health and safety instructions, and written material, as well as access to their specific department. When the onboarding phase begins, practical training begins. By doing so, we ensure that practice and theory are in
A cleaning – or service job necessitates the proper mindset and attitude toward the task,
client, and industry. As a result, your attitude and motivation are the most important factors in job success.

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