Social Responisibility (CSR)

Gender-divided wage statistics, index, 2016

Direct pay incl. pension, etc., average

The table below complies with the law’s requirements for gender-divided wage statistics. It is based on the company’s annual salary report to DA Statistics. The company may be required to present gender-divided wage statistics for all work functions, as shown below. See the table of People divided by work features, which shows the count of all persons in the reported material, ie. both persons included in the table below and incorrect.

Women Men Total
Number Index Number Index Number index
  All = 100   All = 100   All = 100
Business code 911240

Hotel Cleaning etc.

Reg. Salary Earners

903 99,7 365 100,6 1.268 100,00

Definition of Terms:

Direct pay incl. pension, etc., average


Salary’s basic salary, as well as functional, qualification and performance pay. In addition, employee benefits, irregular payments and employee and employer pension contributions are included.
Median The “middle” salary. Half have a salary that is lower than the median.
Average Is the average salary, which is often higher than the median, as high wages increase average wages.
Antal Number of persons and not number of employment, as in the other statistics

Statistical reporting administrator: CEO / Managing Director, John Christensen,, Tlf: (+45) 70216006


The 5 Stjerner A/S have approx. 1,300 employees employed. Our primary task is hotel cleaning of hotels in Denmark.

The 5 Stars takes social responsibility as a natural part of our way of doing business. We will try to follow UN’s Global Compact Initiatives, which means that we follow ten principles of social responsibility. The UN Global Compact is based on the companies wishing to contribute to the solution of some of the environmental and social challenges that exist in the world today. The 5 Stars is not a global business, so our social responsibility is limited to Denmark.

The ten principles:

Human Rights

1. Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally declared human rights and
2. Make sure that they do not contribute to human rights violations. Labor rights
3. Businesses should maintain freedom of association and effectively recognize the right to collective bargaining,
4. Support the eradication of all forms of forced labor,
5. Support the effective abolition of child labor, and 6. eliminate discrimination in employment and employment

7. Businesses should support a prudent approach to environmental challenges,
8. Take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and
9. Encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

10. Companies should counteract all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

Our business ethics

The 5 Stars is a member of HORESTA and has signed an agreement with 3F Copenhagen, which covers all Maidens (M / K), Supervisors, Housemen (M / K) and Dishwashers, all other employees are employed on a contract of employment. The 5 Stars do not use subcontractors as we want to ensure that all employees receive collective pay – and have contractual terms.

The 5 Stars is a big opponent of undeclared work and social dumping as it is devastating to society and undermines the company’s existence.

95% of the company’s employees come from another EU country and it is the company’s task to help employees integrate into Danish society.

All employees must have a work and residence permit and a clean criminal record to be employed in the group. All employees receive ID cards with image containing information to SKAT and Police and other authorities.

It is a requirement that all employees speak and write English at an undergraduate level. The company offers Danish lessons taken in their spare time.

All employees must review and sign the company’s “Health & Safety” manuals and receive training before work commences. The 5 stars work with financial certificates, quality management (called Star Steering), environment, work environment, personnel policy and education.

– Your guarantee of a serious partner and a proper working environment.

ECO-SAVING CHEMICALS – environmentally certified products
The 5 Stjerner A/S continuously seeks to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning. We keep a watchful eye on the constant development of cleaning products: We use cleaning products certified by the Green Key or Nordic Swan label, and we always ask our subcontractors to deliver sustainable services. The 5 Stjerner A/S also contributes to product testing new environmentally friendly chemistry in an effort to constantly improve us and our subjects.

At De 5 Sterren A/S we use cleaners that do not require hot water and our employees are trained to reduce waste by using fewer cleaning products. Detergents, such as chlorine compounds and solvents, have long been excluded. Considering the quality of cleaning, we always use the most gentle chemicals, resource-saving floor cleaners and cleaners that are environmentally-approved.

ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY – High quality and CO2 neutrality
With respect for people and the environment, we share the focus on social responsibility and the high quality of the services we offer. Because we have the opportunity to influence the world we live in, we also take the duty to think socially long-term and environmentally considerably.

In sound actions, we show that we also think of how we make money – because in today’s world it does not apply to earning money at all costs. Therefore, you are 5 stars A/S also CO2 neutral. Where we can and wish that we use gentle chemicals, environmentally friendly bleaches and allergy-friendly products, we choose them.

STATEMENT – For the gender composition of the management

The 5 Stjerner A/S believe that diversity among employees, including equal distribution of sexes, contributes positively to the working environment and strengthens the company’s performance and competitiveness.

The 5 Stars have a goal and work for the distribution of managers in the company to be evenly distributed. The status now is that 84% of “Other management positions” are occupied by women. Top management consists of 6 women and 3 men.

In recruitment and recruitment to management positions, the goal is to be both male and female candidates, despite the fact that you are 5 stars operating in a world characterized by women. The principle applies to both internal and external job listings.

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