Quality Assurance – we stand by our work

At De 5 Stjerner A/S, we wish to provide hotel cleaning, facility management and hotel service with some high-quality results and we will do what we can to provide a great service.

To do so, we evaluate and reassure our service, so you can be sure that the rooms in your hotel are clean, the carpets and furniture are spotless and the overall cleaning is just the way you want it to be.

Our program, where we assure our customers on the quality of our cleaning, is called Star Management. This program is a cooperation between us and the specific hotels and hostels where we provide services. We do this because our business partners are the ones who are closest to our employees and who also experience their enthusiasm, efficiency and meticulousness.


We reward our employees for their hard work

Star Management is, however, not only a program to assure our quality. It is also a bonus program to our employees. At De 5 Stjerner A/S, it is our belief that good and hard work should be rewarded with recognition – which is why we give our employees a gift.

Each month we select employees who have been doing extraordinary well and we chose these with help from the hotels they work on. Perhaps they have been working overtime, done an unusual good job or maybe they have been even more enthusiastic and motivating towards their colleagues than usual.

Is there a perfectionist worker that wants to be a part of our fantastic team? You can always send us your application.


Motivation and hard work

Surely, it is not only our employees who benefits from this program. As the owner of one of these hotels you will as well. The Star Management program is motivating our employees to work hard and deliver a good and complete result – every hour of every day.

We use this program in every aspect of our business. Which means, you can benefit from our skilled, efficient and enthusiastic employees – regardless of whether you hire is to clean at your hotel, company or to do various hotel services.

Do you find this interesting? Take a close look at our website. Please, feel free to contact us and we can have a dialogue and explore your needs and wishes.

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