Corona (Covid-19)

  1. Corona-readiness and emergency cleaning
    De 5 Stjerner A/S has established a Corona Readiness Team that can come out when needed. We clean and disinfect by e.g., using cold fog treatment so that you quickly can start using your facilities again.We monitor the situation and follow the authorities’ recommendations accurately and adapt our preparedness accordingly so that you always have a safe and professional cleaning even in this situation.

    If you need emergency cleaning, contact our Corona specialist on tel.: +45 28 51 51 31

  2. Handling the Corona
    De 5 Stjerner A/S follows the authorities’ recommendations carefully, just as we follow and advise our employees regarding the travel guidelines from the ministry of foreign affairs as we also have employees from abroad.

    Restrictions are introduced, changed, and phased out continuously, and we are always ready for the changes, or should a new wave immerge.We are always in control should there be an infection or suspicion of infection among our employees.

    Should one of our employees be infected, we inform all relevant partners and colleagues the employee has been in contact with so that the necessary precautions can be instigated.

  3. Corona and the future
    We have learned a lot about infection prevention that we always incorporate into our services. Sick leave is expensive for all organizations, and the correct cleaning inclusive of a quick adjustment of the cleaning can contribute to a reduction of sick leave

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