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Facility management and top-quality cleaning

De 5 Stjerner ApS is a Danish company with 18 years of cleaning experience. We are specialised in facility management and cleaning in the hotel industry and we are proud to call us one of the leading companies in the Danish industry.

Our competent and committed team consist of more than 1300 employees, who all have many years of experience within their respective field. However, all of them have one thing in common – they all take pride in providing a thorough and excellent job.

Our portfolio of hotel services is wide and consists of services such as facility management, hotel cleaning and industrial cleaning. This means you can hire us to do one of the services above for your hotel, hostel or company, but we also customise overall solutions to those in need of help for other tasks.


Customised overall solutions for your hotel

At De 5 Stjerner ApS we are experts in facility management and throughout time we have helped numerous hotels and hostels minimising their expenses for permanent staff by undertaking many of the hotel’s daily tasks and general hotelservice

We are specialised in assembling overall solutions for hotels and hostels that needs a helping hand with more than just cleaning the rooms and windows. With an overall solution from us you will not only safe time, but also effort and money since you don’t have to respond to several purveyors. Also, it gives you the time to concentrate on the most important part of your hotel – the guests.

We all know that no hotel or hostel are the same. This is why we do not have any standard solutions at De 5 Stjerner ApS. We will always have a customised solution for you that matches your hotel, your wishes and nonetheless your guests, when you enter a collaboration with us.


Effective and careful hotel cleaning

One of the fundamentals of our company is hotel cleaning, which is a service we happily provide in all hotels, hostels and inns.

Our careful, effective and meticulous employees have many years of experience with cleaning of rooms, meeting rooms and kitchens and they take pride in delivering a fine job – even when they are in a hurry.

We will guarantee you that your guests will always be welcomed by clean rooms, a spotless lobby and an inviting restaurant – if you, however, choose us to do your cleaning.

With our housekeeping specialists, you are guaranteed shiny clean, neat and proper looking rooms at your hotel, and your guests will not be able to put a finger on our work.


Professional cleaning for companies

At De 5 Stjerner ApS we do not only offer cleaning of hotels, inns and hostels, we also provide cleaning to companies all over the country – in the northern parts of Jutland to the companies and offices in Copenhagen.

Just like our other services, we adjust our industrial cleaning to the individual company or office. So, regardless how your facilities look, how big they are or if there are any special needs, our competent and effective staff members will fulfil these needs. They will make sure that your company is clean and comfortable for you employees to stay in.


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Are you curious to know more about what we can do for you? Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will willingly have a dialogue with you and give you a non-binding offer on one or several of our services.

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