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Are you a home owner, landlord or a company owner? Then you know how important it is that your property is sharp looking. Your property is the first thing any guest will see when they visit and a neat and clean building is essential to make a good first impression.

At De 5 Stjerner A/S ​we offer a wide range of services in cleaning, maintenance and services to all types of properties. We have many years of experience with property service and we are proud to help our customers with keeping their buildings attractive, clean and welcoming.

Our property service covers a long list of services that has one thing in common – they will be done with professionalism and thoroughness. That is why we dare to guarantee that the final result will be in top quality.


A safe choice

We want to be your first choice when you are looking for a new business partner in the service area. Therefore, we are offering different services so you can assemble a solution that suits you and your property – regardless if you own a company, house association or a large building.

Our primary services within the property area are:

  • Cleaning of stairs
  • Window cleaning
  • Gardener service
  • Lawn mowing
  • Providing a caretaker
  • Snow clearing
  • Technical service (replacement of light bulb etc.)
  • Industrial cleaning

We also have exprecience within hotel cleaning and hotel service.

We leave nothing to fate and our skilled and competent employees all work within permanent procedures. This means that you can always count on them to fulfil the property service to the letter. Our ambition is to deliver property service in top quality that will pay of – not only in the future but today as well.


Our caretakers will get it done

The employees at De 5 Stjerner ApS always enter the job with an open and professional mind, which is visible in the result as well as in the work process. Our caretakers know what they are doing and they are always ready to take on new tasks – including your property.

However, the most important thing about our caretakers is how well they communicate – on writing as well as verbally. We know that the key to a good collaboration is communication between one another and to match expectations.

At De 5 Stjerner ApS we know that there are not two properties alike and for the same reason we expand our services regularly so they are adjusted to our clientele. Furthermore, we educate our employees so they are updated on the newest services, procedures and techniques.

It is our goal that you feel safe leaving your building in our hands – and we go to great lengths to live up to this. We have even developed our own qualityensuring system


Do your property a favour

Good service has always been our focus. Therefore, the first thing we do after signing an agreement with you, is to carefully come up with a plan to make sure we keep your property attractive, clean and decent. We want a well-coordinated collaboration where the resident’s needs are met as well as the administration’s. That is why our work is built on words such as thoroughness, flexibility and reliability.

It is our experience that properties lose value if they are not maintained properly. Therefore, will property service never be a waste of time, money or resources.

We guarantee you that we will manage the job while focusing on quality, and our work will from the beginning be a combination of seriousness, understanding and good collaboration. Our customer will always be the focus and we will never turn down a job – regardless the size.

Also, we attach great importance to customer service and transparency in our work. You can therefore always expect to be met with skilful and kind employees, if you chose us for your collaboration. Contact us today!

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